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  • Refridgerator control board assy service
    Refridgerator control board assy service
    Product profile Such controller is mainly applied to air-cooled, air-direct cool, and direct-cool control of refrigerators. Intelligent programmed algorithm ensures to the precise temperature control, fresh raw food, and lower energy consumtion. It also ensures the VF compressor or normal compressor to work safe and sound.And this features the refrigerator in a higher efficiency and intelligent control. All function modules can be added or deleted according to customers' requirements. Function profile 1.Applied to intelligent control of three-door, multi-door, VF and side-by-side combination refrigerators. 2.Intelligent internet of things refrigerator with WIFI function & remote control available. 3.Low standby power consumption. Frequency conversion control technology can achieve energy-saving,  noise-reducing and environmental protection. 4.Under real-time temperature and humidity sensor technology, it can well control the temperature of all chambers,  and then provide good moisture and freshness protection. 5.Capacitive  touch screen or capacitive touch buttons & TFT full-color LCD screen compose human-machine interaction interface, featuring  good UI full-color interface and humanized manipulation. 6.Media player & collect cloud datas,  interacting with other management system of internet of things.

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